Thinking Pathways

Developing the critical and creative thinking skills of students in our classrooms is a necessary culture that all teachers should foster. Not only does it underpin the syllabus outcomes and content indicators, but the ability to think critically and creatively, and to articulate that thinking to others, is a hugely valuable skill in today’s world.

Supporting students to be critical and creative thinkers requires us as educators to be willing to build our capacity, to make small consistent shifts towards embedding practices and fostering a ‘thinking’ environment that welcomes questions, that celebrates multiple perspectives and is comfortable working in a space that requires depth of understanding.

Engaging with the Thinking Pathways online courses will support teachers and leaders to:

  • intentionally and effectively plan for opportunities to develop the thinking capabilities of students
  • understand the evidence-based knowledge and skills required to foster and embed a culture of critical and creative thinking
  • engage with a range of routines, tools and strategies that can be embedded into instruction in the classroom
  • reflect on current practices in the classroom
  • understand how small shifts and leveraging some current practices can support the development of critical and creative thinking in the classroom

Begin your journey today.

Hi, I’m Alice Vigors

Alice is a dedicated and passionate assistant principal and author. In 2022, she published her first book The Thinking Classroom: supporting educators to embed critical and creative thinking. A book loved by educators globally. She has taught in a range of K-6 school settings in both the Public and Catholic education sectors in New South Wales, Australia and wholeheartedly believes that every child deserves the best possible education. She is committed to supporting teachers and leaders through coaching and professional learning opportunities, presenting nationally at conferences. She co-hosts the Teacher Takeaway Podcast with three other educational leaders and hosts her own podcast Thinking Pathways where she shares her knowledge and expertise in the education space. Alice can be reached at